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The Brazilian Society of Biotechnology (SBBIOTEC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting biotechnology with excellence and competence for the benefit of society.  SBBIOTEC was founded in 1988, and its first president was Dr. Marcos Mares Guia, founder of BIOBRÁS - the first Brazilian Biotech company that produced recombinant insulin, one of the great landmarks in the history of our industry.

Included in this agenda: (I) the management of the Northeast Biotechnology Network (RENORBIO), in agreement signed with the Brazilian Company Financier of Studies and Projects (FINEP); (II) the general organization of projects and competencies in Biotechnology - BiotecData, which was supported by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences that provides information on the skills available to Brazilian Biotechnology and guides the formulation of policies for the sector, such as the promotion of actions implemented by the Biotechnology Sectorial Funds.

The SBBIOTEC's efforts aim to contribute to the formation of human resources, with a solid scientific base, able to supply the demands of both academic and business sectors, as well as provide elements that contribute to research and development of National Biotechnology.

Established with to promote the Biotechnology progress through the science integration and technological development, The SBBIOTEC aims to: (I) stimulate technological capacity building in the productive sector and services; (II) to contribute to the interaction between universities/academic institutes and the biotechnology industries; and (III) to contribute to biotechnologist training, including organization of lectures, seminars, and symposiums on scientific and biotechnological programs.


Maria Fátima Grossi de Sá

Director President

Paulo Cavalcanti Gomes Ferreira

VP Director

Ângela Mehta dos Reis

Director Treasurer

Luciana Relly Bertolini

Director Secretary

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