Transgenic maize: planted area expected to reach 15.7 million hectares

The second follow-up to the adoption of agricultural biotechnology in Brazil, 2016/2017 harvest, carried out by consulting company Celeres presents almost the same number as the previous report, reaching a total area of 52.5 million hectares.

Genetically modified winter maize will reach 91.8% of the total area sown or 10.4 million hectares. In the case of summer corn, the numbers of the second survey of the 2016/2017 crop show a total of 5.3 million hectares or 82.3% of adoption.

Of this total, 63.9% will be cultivated with IR / TH events, mainly due to the large number of technologies offered in the market and the high acceptance by farmers. In the case of maize the number of approved technologies with combined genes reached 22.

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