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Aprosoja discusses biotechnology with the European Union during ISGA mission

The executive director of the Mato Grosso Soybean and Mushroom Growers Association (Aprosoja), Wellington Andrade, spoke in Amsterdam, Holland, during this year's GMCC-15 Conference on Coexistence of Genetically Modified and Non Genetically Modified Products And the benefits of biotechnology in agribusiness.

The event was only one of the programming of the mission conducted by the International Soybean Growers Alliance (ISGA), in Portuguese International Alliance of Soybean Producers, held in Europe from November 17 to 20. ISGA represents soybean producers, as well as industries belonging to the chain of the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Before the Netherlands, the group went through Germany, where discussions were mainly about the delay in the approval of new biotechnologies in Europe and the opt-out of using imported and genetically modified products.

Opt-out is a discussion currently held in the European Union to restrict or prohibit imports of genetically modified products by member countries.

"The theme of my talk was 'Genetically Modified Soybeans in the Americas and the European Union - today and in the future', where we sought to demonstrate the objectives of ISGA, the benefits of biotechnology, European dependence on soybean imports from ISGA countries, Production of genetically modified soybeans in South America and North America, and ISGA's concerns about the delay in approving new biotechnology events in the European Union and also on the opt-out of using imported and genetically modified products, "he explains. Andrade.

In addition to lecturing, the executive director participated in the panel "The proposal of opt-out of the European Commission". The Netherlands Council for Government Policy, COCERAL (European Association for the Trade of Cereals, Rice, Oilseeds, and the Agro-Food Supply Chain) and FEFAC (European Federation of Food Manufacturers) also made up the table.

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